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Here's your opportunity to market this fantastic program and start having huge MONTHLY commission directly to your Paypal account at the end of each month.

The membership price of BacklinksAutomation is $67 and your commission is a whopping $19.00 per sale, (about 30% commissions) each month.

On top of that, as long as your referral stays with BacklinksAutomation, you will continue to receive monthly recurring commissions for just that one referral. So imagine how much referral fees you'll receive in the many months ahead, just by promoting BacklinksAutomation today!

How and when do you get paid?

PayDotCom is our third party process who runs our affiliate program.

They will handle all affiliate tracking. And at the end of each month, we will generate our sales report from there, and send you what you've earned you by mass pay to your PayPal account. To check how much commission you've made at any time, just login to your PayDotCom account.

Here's how to get started:

Step 1
Register for your FREE PayDotCom account
(If you already have this, skip this step) and
sign up as an Affiliate at

Step 2
Create your own unique affiliate link. Simply replace '
paydotcom_id' with the PayDotCom ID you created when you registered with PayDotCom.{paydotcom_id}

This is now your affiliate link. Whenever someone visits the BacklinksAutomation sales page through your affiliate link and decides to purchase, you get 30% commission!

Step 3
Grab your affiliate tools and start promoting! We have supplied you with promo tools that you can use immediately to help you get started.

Here are the affiliate tools that we've specially prepared for you that you can use right away to get started:

Tool #1: Email Ads
Tool #2: Banner Ads
Tool #3: Classified Ads
Tool #4: Articles
Tool #5: Product Reviews
Tool #6: Viral Rebrandable Report

Tool #1: Email Ads

If you already have an email list that you can market to, this is perfect for you! Swipe our pre-written emails and send it your list now.

From my own experience, if you will use the entire series of emails that I put below and craft the promotion like a 'product launch', you can have as much as 3 times the sales as you would if you just use one of the emails below.

Feel free to edit the emails to suit your list and remember to add in your affiliate link.


SUBJECT: Re: How To Double Your Traffic & Sales Today!
SUBJECT: Finally! A *real* SEO service that WORKS...
SUBJECT: Double your sales...for real this time!
SUBJECT: Double your sales...with no effort on your part!
SUBJECT: Double your sales with almost ZERO effort?
SUBJECT: Sick of "Guru BS"?
SUBJECT: SECRET: How to get more sales without doing more work!
SUBJECT: Easiest way to double your sales EVER...


Dear [[firstname]],

Have you heard of using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
to drive traffic to your site before?

It is a good promotional tool to drive targeted long term traffic
to your sites. In fact, many top internet marketers relies on SEO
for 90% of their traffic.

However, the trouble is that SEO is a time-consuming traffic
generation method - it takes time and experience to know
exactly what to do, and to do it right.

With that said, many struggling internet marketers I know
have given up on it.

What I've told you is true but it doesn't have to be that way for
you. Here's why...

Recently, I came across this SEO service that has helped over
127 marketers dominate the search engines for their keywords.

And among the list of case studies, I was shocked to see
marketers ranking for ultra-competitive keywords such as
"Online Affiliate Marketing" without the quotes.

But what really got me was the fact that this service builds a
total of 300 backlinks to any 5 of my websites.

I was skeptic. After all, it was my first time coming across an
SEO service that produced such excellent results.

Seeing that it is backed by so many success stories, I went
ahead to give it a shot and here's what I discovered...

It just took 15 minutes or less to send my website and keywords
details and I'm done setting up! And the best part is that
BacklinksAutomation will continue to build backlinks to those
sites and improve my search engine rankings for my keywords
without me having a lift another finger.

BacklinksAutomation has made a believer out of me - that
SEO can be so quick, easy and convenient!

Get the full scoop here:{paydotcom_id}

Ever since, I've more confident that my websites will rank
FAR easier and better.

The great thing is this SEO tool is also available to you.

If you want more long term traffic, then I urge you to get more information now.{paydotcom_id}

To Your Success,
[[your name]]

P.S. - Don't take my word for it. Check out the page above and
give BacklinksAutomation a shot. You too will be dazzled by it's
fast and excellent results!



SUBJECT: Biggest Secret To Get Top Search Rankings! [Open Now]
SUBJECT: Biggest Secret To Double Your Traffic & Sales!
SUBJECT: The 3 Secret Words That Doubles Your Traffic & Sales Today!
SUBJECT: SECRET: How to dominate your niche & win the SEO game!


Hi [[firstname]],

Have you seen the previous email I sent out a day or so ago?
It's about a "secret weapon" that over 127 marketers have been
using EVERY MONTH to explode their sales as much as 200%.

Go here to see proof:{paydotcom_id}

Anyway, back to the question of this email...

No matter if you have a blog, an article or a website. It's
simple actually. Realize that the trick to getting higher search
engine rankings is all about 3 words:

Links, links, links...

It's true. Most marketers spend so much time optimizing keywords
on their website but miss out on the whole point of the SEO game.

Don't get me wrong. Optimizing your website for keywords is
important but it's not "that" important.

Let me give you an example. I need your help over here.

Step #1: Go to and search for the term "click here"
without the quotes.

What do you get?, yes? (Go ahead and test it out yourself)

Step #2: Open up the page and search for the term, "click here"
without the quotes.

Can you find any "click here" text?

Answer: NO!

So why is Adobe still getting #1 ranking for the keyword, "click

Answer: Because tons of website linked to them using that phrase!
e.g. "If you do not have a PDF Reader, click here to get one"
(with the 'click here' being hyperlinked to

So why am I telling you all this? Simple.

I want you to know that the BIGGEST SECRET to getting high search
engine rankings is...

Getting tons of incoming links pointing to your website with the

Read the sentence above again... It's that important.

With that said, not all links are the same. Some links have more
SEO impact than the rest. And those are the links that you need.

How do those links look like?

Get the answer here:{paydotcom_id}

It's NOT that difficult... really. Once you get the "kick" of this
SEO game, you can dominate the search engines easily.

Read more about winning the SEO game at...{paydotcom_id}

[[your name]]

Just so you know, the contents of the next email is 100% accurate. We increased our membership  price in December 2009 and once we hit the 400 members mark, we WILL increase our prices again.

Bottom line: It's not another 'cool' scarcity trick.  =)

Okay, just one other thing: I recently chanced upon my own "old" split copy page and I realized that I've not taken it down.

But I suddenly had this idea of using it to help you. Read this email to find out how...


Subject Title: [[firstname]], don't get mad at me...



I just got wind about something and it's at your best interest to
read this email...

It's about the SEO optimization service that I was talking about
in the last few days. Like I said, I just heard that the price of using
the service was just increased by a whopping $20/month in the
last few months.

And that's not all...

I was checking with Winson (creator of this service) and I just
received his email reply saying that he have had 324 members
so far.

Judging from the numbers and the positive reviews I've seen,
there is a distinct possibility that the price of the service will be
increased any time soon.

After all, we all know that's what marketers with popular services
do all the time - they just keep increasing their prices... =)

Look - I don't want you to get mad at me for not letting you know
about the recent price increase, and the possibility of ANOTHER
price adjustment...

And just so you know, this is not a scarcity trick. The membership
price used to be $20/month lower. I have proof...

I just happened to chance upon their "split-test" copy lingering on
the internet at:


If you go there, you would see the 'old' price. Unfortunately the
payment link for the previous price doesn't work anymore...

So if you're sitting on the fence wondering if this is for you, you'll
definitely want to take advantage of the current price while it's
still affordable...

Go here now:{paydotcom_id}

To Your Success,
[[your name here]]



Tool #2: Banner Ads

Copy and save from below (right click and 'save as target' to save to your computer / site)  - and be sure to add your own affiliate link to it when you make it clickable!

125x125px (width x height)

120x600px (width x height)


180x150px (width x height)

160x600px (width x height)

728 x 90 px (width x height)



Tool #3: Classified Ads

There are paid classifieds and there are free classifieds. Here are some free classified ads sites you can use immediately.

Remember to double-check the rules of the website as some websites have certain requirements about the type of ads allowed.

Want Better Search Engine Rankings?
Used by Over 127 Marketers, This SEO
Service Builds 60 Unique PR4+ Backlinks
To Your Websites...Every Month!


Dominate Search Engine Rankings?
Build 60+ New PR4+ Backlinks To Your
Websites Every Month With This New
SEO Service!


Want More Traffic & Sales?
This SEO Service Gets You
These By Helping You Rank
Better In The Search Engines!


Tool #4: Articles

Feel free to use these Private Label Articles on your website, blog or newsletter. You may cite yourself as the author.

 >> Click Here To Download Your 3-Articles Pack <<

Article #1: Backlinks - Why They Are Important...

Article #2: Backlinks - Different Sources of Backlinks

Article #3: Backlinks Building Services - What To Look Out For

Articles are a great way to provide quality information and content to your readers and also help to brand you as an expert in your niche.

You may use and submit these articles to article directories. But we recommend you 'spin' these articles a bit, so as to make them unique before you do so. You might want to check out this article submission service - it spins and submits articles to the top 30 article directories with high-traffic and Google Pagerank (includes EzineArticles).

Tool #5: Product Reviews

Feel free to use and edit this product review on your websites, blogs or email newsletter. You can also use our testimonials at

What would it take to get better rankings in the search engines?

Of course, ask any experienced marketer and they would tell you Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

But doesn't SEO sound like a HUGE topic to you?

If it doesn't, then do it yourself and you'll know what I mean...

You see, there are so many things that you have to do in SEO. But undeniably, the most difficult and time-consuming activity in SEO is to find and build incoming links to your website.

Incoming links are like "votes" in the search engines' eyes. The more incoming links to your sites, the more important you appear to the search engines. You know that, don't you?

However, the thing is that you can't just find and build ANY incoming link. Those incoming links have to be high in Google Pagerank (PR 3 and above). And plus, 90% of the blogs and forums are so strict, it's getting increasingly difficult to get incoming links from them nowadays - as long as a link is included somewhere, red flags are raised and it's considered as "spamming" (unless you provide super-good content before you include your link).

But that's basically the problem. To include a link in these places, we now need to spend TONS of time and effort to produce ultra-good content.

Knowing all these, I've always thought about engaging an SEO expert to take care of all my SEO work. But I really wasn't actively looking for one until one week ago when I noticed my rankings dropping in the search engines.

So I started to look for the SEO services. - gosh it wasn't easy! There are SO MANY SEO services out there and I was totally overwhelmed.

But among all the other SEO services, what really caught my attention was the testimonials and success stories I read at

Started by Winson and Dominic, this service has helped over 127 marketers (possibly a lot more by now) and they have received tons of great testimonials which are displayed on their site.

But of course, I was sceptic at first. So I made sure I read through the entire salescopy and looked for possible drawbacks.

Of course, I went ahead anyhow (or else I wouldn't be writing this review!) and the rest was history.

It was SO easy to get started. All I did was to spend 10 minutes entering all my websites and my target keywords. Yes, that was it!

And fast forward 3 weeks, my keyword rankings improved dramatically and the results outperformed what I've been doing for the past few months.

Frankly, you have to experience the excitement and excellent results for yourself to know exactly how I felt at that time. In a nutshell, I was blown away!

Of course, this service has one drawback - just one. And that is when you enter your website and keyword details, you will be asked for a default username that will be used to register for those sites that you'll receive backlinks from.

Personally, I felt that these details could have been automatically generated since it doesn't really affect me and it doesn't add to the SEO bottomline. Of course, this drawback only took a one-time of an extra 5 minutes.

But regardless, BacklinksAutomation is still the Number 1 SEO service that I'd recommend. Here's the link where you can check out:



Tool #6: Viral Rebrandable Report

400 x 490 px (width x height)

300 x 368 px (width x height)

200 x 245 px (width x height)

The 7 Frequently Asked Questions about SEO Link Building is an exclusive report revealing answers to the most commonly asked questions we received from our customers.

The report not only educates the readers everything they need to know about SEO Link Building, it also answers the common objections we get from our prospects. So, this report Pre-sells our services and increases your conversion rate.

In addition, using the rebranding tool, you can easily add your own name and affiliate link into this free report and offer it as your own:

 >> Click Here To Download Your Rebrandable Package <<
(Instructions Included Inside Zip File as Instructions.txt)